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Help Roque Family Recover From Hate Crime

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Help a Filipino immigrant working family recover from hateful physical assault

On May 13, the Roque family were attacked by a white supremacist late at night at a McDonald's drive through. This anti-Asian hate crime consisted of physical assault, verbal harassment (racist remarks and threats of violence), and property damage. The family made attempts to defend themselves from the assailant, but this violent attack fractured Gabriel Roque's rib. The other family members present walked away from this incident deeply traumatized and in need of counseling resources. Shortly after the attack, Nerissa Roque boldly stated that she never wants this to happen to another Asian family again.

To support the family in their physical and emotional recovery we are calling for the community to help fundraise for their medical needs! Please donate here to relieve the Roque family of financial burdens and allow them to recover physically and emotionally as they pursue justice. Please help share this fundraising campaign with others and continue to spread awareness and join efforts to organize against anti-Asian violence!